connie pls


holy shit my weight

next 10 days

no work \o/

state \o/

spring break \o/ \o/

vtl pretty high right now

vtl pretty high right now

im sorry i didn’t realize at the time how bad it was

What am I? A human
I breathe, I work, I eat, I sleep,
The only complexities are basic necessities
I laugh, I cry, I love, I fear with other humans,
I laugh at the gaffes they make,
I cry when I am in pain and say goodbye,
I love those who love me,
I fear when I am lost and have no cheer.

What am I? A student, a pupil, a learner, an intellectual,
I listen, I learn, I interpret, I respond
The only confines are the lines drawn by the school’s rules that shield and seal,
I smile, I stress, I  struggle, I enjoy
I smile at the soothing flood of knowledge, the never ending trickle of information and truth, 
I stress over due dates, tests, assignments with traits I don’t understand, sometimes a bit bland,  
I struggle with being lazy, the sunshine is so pleasant outside, sometimes, the rules need to be softened
I enjoy understanding new concepts, there’s so much to learn in the process.

What am I? A machine
I calculate. I type. I print. I click.
The push is the supply of electricity.
I buzz. I whirl. I beep. I blink.
I buzz with information, something that I always have room for, what use is it?
I simply put it in a box. Never to open it again. Until someone tells me to.
I whirl internally. yet I cannot move. i am stationary. confined to one spot.
I beep. But only because there is something wrong-
Someone fixes the beeping.
I do not beep anymore.
Something. is. still.
I blink. I blink. I blink. I blink.

What am I?
My thoughts are not my own.
There are none.

help i cant breathe

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i actually kind of like these poems \o/

life sucks

but got a 2350, so i got that going for me, which is nice.

weekend just got that much shittier

not like it wasn’t shitty to begin with


i’m so scared

the worst part is no one can help